UV Curing Form-In-Place and Cure-in-Place GasketsMaster Bond custom formulates products to meet individual design specifications. UV curing grades for form-in-place and cure-in-place gaskets replace die-cut gaskets, RTV sealants and tape. They provide electrical insulation and can be consistently/efficiently dispensed to optimize throughput. Specific grades can be adjusted to meet a wide variety of performance properties including chemical & water resistance, low shrinkage, serviceability at extreme temperatures, self leveling properties and more.

Advantages of UV Curing Adhesives for Form-in-Place Gasket Applications

UV curable adhesives provide a number of advantages over traditional RTV silicones used to produce form-in-place gaskets, including:

  • Faster cure times
  • Better chemical resistance
  • No emission of corrosive elements
  • Elimination of stacking and racking

Master Bond’s Most Popular UV Form-in-Place Adhesive, Sealant, Coating

Highly flexible UV curable urethane elastomer compound. Used for high performance seals, gaskets, bonding and protective coating applications. Fast curing at room temperature. Superior chemical resistance. Shore A hardness 45-55. Elongation over 260%.