Optically clear adhesive formulations for hologram applicationsMaster Bond has developed a superior line of optical adhesives that can be used in a vast array of hologram applications. These products offer long term durability and outstanding performance even upon exposure to adverse environmental conditions. Our optical adhesives are conveniently packaged and available in varying viscosities, cure times, chemical resistance, electrical properties and colors to best suit your application and design needs. Master Bond’s optical product line is used in various hologram applications including holographic plates, lenses, design visualization technology (CAD/CAM), consumer packaging and data storage. They also are excellent for security purposes and are used on credit cards and licenses.

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Advantages of Master Bond’s optical adhesives:

  • Superior optical clarity
  • NASA low-outgassing approval for specific grades
  • High thermal stability
  • Low stress properties
  • High flexibility
  • Room temperature cures available
  • Fast cure times
  • Low refractive index
  • Exceptional water and chemical resistance
  • High light transmission
  • Long-term stability over a wide temperature range
  • Long pot life