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Master Bond Case Study
UV Curable System UV15TK
Used in 3-D Printing of Reverse Osmosis Feed Spacers with Reduced Scaling Effects
Many water treatment plants worldwide use reverse osmosis treatment, where design and construction of the feed channel spacer as well as the semipermeable membrane itself is critical to producing an efficient and long-lasting solution for water treatment.
The goal of the research was to design a feed spacer with reduced fouling and enhanced de-scaling properties during membrane cleaning. Master Bond UV15TK, a UV-curable epoxy with a relatively high modulus, was chosen for use as a 3-D printing material to directly print micromixer elements of an optimal design onto the semipermeable membrane itself.
Master Bond Product UV15TK
One Part Adhesive UV15TK
Master Bond UV15TK is a high strength, moderate viscosity, UV curable system for bonding, sealing and coating. It cures quickly when exposed to a UV light source and features a lower shrinkage (1-2%) and higher temperature resistance than the majority of UV systems.
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