Top 5 - Low CTE Adhesives

EP42HT-3AO THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE POTTING COMPOUND Click to request TDS for EP42HT-3AO EP13LTE ONE COMPONENT, HEAT CURING EPOXY High temperature resistance • Passes NASA low outgassing tests • Bonds to a variety of substrates Click to request TDS for EP13LTE Mixed viscosity, 75°F Tensile modulus, 75°F CTE, 75°F Thermal conductivity, 75°F 40,000-80,000 cps 550,000-600,000 psi 13-16 x 10 -6 in/in/°C 11-12 BTU•in/ft 2 •hr•°F Viscosity, 75°F Compressive strength, 75°F CTE, 75°F Glass transition temperature Paste 24,000-26,000 psi 15-20 x 10 -6 in/in/°C 160°C Convenient handling • High glass transition temperature • Long working life