Top 5 - Dual Curing Adhesive Systems

UV15DC80ND NON-DRIP, UV & HEAT CURABLE ADHESIVE SYSTEM Click to request TDS for UV15DC80ND UV15DC80-FHC UV & HEAT CURABLE EPOXY WITH RAPID HEAT CURE • Faster cures at temperatures as low as 80°C • Moderate viscosity system • Excellent physical strength properties Click to request TDS for UV15DC80-FHC Viscosity, 75°F Water resistance, 3 month immersion, 75°F Volume resistivity, 75°F Service temperature range Paste <1% weight gain >10 14 ohm-cm -60°F to +350°F • Allows for curing in “shadowed out” areas • Thixotropic paste consistency • No oxygen inhibition system Viscosity, 75°F Refractive index, 75°F Glass transition temperature with post cure Service temperature range 45,000-60,000 cps 1.52 125-130°C -60°F to +350°F