Master Bond offers a simple to use gun applicator for dispensing two component epoxy systems. Our gun applicators ensure that accurate quantities of Parts A and B are dispensed relieving the uncertainty of complicated mix ratios. Additionally, a wide range of mixers are available to achieve the proper mix and flow rate.



Video Transcript

Thanks for joining us today. In this demonstration we would like to show you how our gun applicator can help you to avoid common errors in measuring and dispensing a two part epoxy. Our gun applicator can work with various mixing ratios including 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 and can mix high viscosity components.

The gun comes in 4 separate pieces and is very easy to assemble and use. Start by pressing up on the release tab while inserting the plunger into the body of the gun. Then pull the plunger through until it is fully retracted. Next insert the epoxy cartridge and lock it into place. Finally, remove the cap from the tip of the cartridge and attach the nozzle. The gun is now ready to use.

Notice how the nozzle mixes the two part epoxy as it dispenses. The gun applicator allows you to accurately distribute the epoxy. Only the necessary amount of material for the application is mixed which helps minimize waste. When you're finished retract the plunger, dispose of the nozzle and replace the cap on the epoxy cartridge. You may leave the cartridge in the gun or remove and store it until your next application.

Let's see what we've accomplished with the gun applicator. Our two component epoxy was precisely mixed and accurately applied. We mixed only as much material as needed for our application while the rest was stored to maintain the shelf life. Thanks for watching and please tune in to other Master Bond productions.