Epoxies for industrial heat sink applications

One and two component thermally conductive epoxy and silicone compounds are employed for bonding heat sinks to electronics components and circuit boards to dissipate heat. These highly effective thermal interface materials contain special alumina, boron nitride, silica, aluminum nitride fillers or particles to improve device reliability and longevity. They are designed to help prevent overheating and premature component failure. Adhesion to ceramic, composite, plastic, metal surfaces such as aluminum and copper are excellent.

Products are engineered to fill in gaps that impede the flow of heat. Room temperature and heat curing systems can be manually or automatically dispensed. Typical heat sink bonding applications include:

  • Computers
  • LEDs
  • Lasers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Refrigerators
  • Gaming systems
  • Mobile phones
  • Memory devices

Special Performance Properties of Heat Sink Adhesives

As electronic devices and components become smaller, faster, increase functionality, consume more power, the efficent transfer of heat becomes more vital. Master Bond has developed heat sink adhesives with higher thermal conductivity values to meet these challenging evolving requirements. These solvent free, ROHS compliant compounds are available for use in a range of viscosities, hardnesses, cure speeds and feature:

  • Superior gap filling capabilities
  • Enhanced shock, impact and vibration resistance
  • Exceptional electrical insulation properties
  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent mechanical strength

It is important to note that in addition to the thermal interface material careful consideration needs to be given to heat sink width, length, fin density, fin spacing, airflow to ensure optimizing heat dissipation capabilities.

Master Bond adhesive systems eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners such as screws, clips, clamps, rivets, push pins for heat sink attachment. Select grades are NASA low outgassing approved, withstand 1,000 hours 85°C/85%RH and have fast fixturing speed to increase productivity. Stress absorbing elastomeric formulations are ideal for bonding surfaces with different CTEs. Special compositions are reworkable.

Most significantly Master Bond has pioneered the development of epoxy compounds that can be applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns and have ultra low thermal resistance.

One and Two Component Systems for Heat Sink Attachment

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