Surface Mount Adhesive Systems

Master Bond has developed many dielectric and conductive surface mount adhesive systems (SMAs) for use in various electronic applications. These can be either one component compounds which cure with heat or two component chemistries which can cure at room temperature. Electrically insulating surface mount adhesives offer excellent bond strength and can hold components in place during solder reflow process. Electrically conductive SMAs are employed in various advanced electronic devices to replace solder.

Selecting the most suitable formulation is dependent on the size/type of components, application conditions, curing & processing requirements, and dispensing needs. Common application methods include screen printing and syringe/needle dispensing.

These products offer no tailing, limited flow after component placement, low moisture absorption, wide operating temperature range, excellent resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations, and high physical strength properties.

Performance Properties of Master Bond’s Surface Mount Adhesives

Some of the most important performance properties are:

  • Thermally conductive/electrically insulativing
  • Electrically conductive
  • Consistent dot profile
  • Non corrosive
  • Void filling
  • Withstand thermal stress
  • No stringing
  • Color coded as required

Learn about our silver conductive surface mount adhesives designed to replace solder pastes

Common Applications Featuring Master Bond’s Surface Mount Epoxies

These versatile products are used extensively by leading electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, and specialty OEM companies. They have successfully satisfied stringent specifications and standards for use by these organizations. Automated application of surface mount adhesives have enabled accurate, effective dispensing in tight spaces enabling design engineers new product opportunities with enhanced functionality and high yields. Some examples are:

  • Chip on board assemblies
  • Analog devices
  • X-ray and imaging equipment
  • Electro-optical sensory devices

Most Popular Surface Mount Epoxies

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