Glass Transition Temperature of adhesive systems

The glass transition temperature for a given compound is reported as a single temperature, Tg, which represents the range of temperatures over which a cured epoxy transitions from a glassy, hard state to a more rubbery, softer state.

High glass transition epoxy compounds are of paramount importance to the selection of adhesives/sealants for elevated temperature applications. These products exhibit superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties than lower Tg materials at high temperatures. Master Bond offers a versatile selection of high Tg materials to meet specific application requirements.

Certifications for High Tg Epoxies

Epoxies with High Glass Transition TemperaturesSpecific Master Bond one and two part systems meet the following certifications:

  • USP Class VI for biocompatibility
  • NASA low outgassing
  • RoHS
  • Halogen free

Learn more about the importance of Tg in selecting the right epoxy.

Most Popular Products with High Glass Transition Temperature

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