Adhesives with High Shear Strength

Master Bond offers a range of one and two part epoxies with exceptionally high shear strength properties. These compounds can withstand exposure to many chemicals, resist high and low temperatures and have superior gap filling capabilities.

Common Industries for High Shear Strength Epoxy Adhesives

We manufacture an impressive variety of high shear strength systems successfully employed in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Automotive
  • Oil/chemical processing

Lap Shear Strength of Bonded Assemblies

High Shear Strength Adhesive SystemsTests are performed based on ASTM D1002 to measure the single/double lap shear strength of a joint by pulling bonded plastic metal substrates apart along the plane of the adhesive in opposite directions.This assessment plays a vital role in determining the feasibility of use in meeting specific end use structural bonding specifications. Proper surface preparation including degreasing, abrasion, chemical treatments, plasma/corona etching has proven most effective in enhancing wetting characteristics and optimizing lap shear properties. Adherents should be evaluated to simulate actual environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, temperature fluctuations and to eliminate the possibility of adhesive separation from the substrate or cohesive bond failure. Many other variables such as adhesive thickness, curing cycle, viscosity, chemical exposure need to be carefully examined. Uniform stress across the entire bonded area will greatly extend long term durability of mated surfaces. It is important to note that adding fillers can improve shear strength in select formulations. Additionally elevated temperature curing products have higher cross link density resulting in their desirability in advanced applications that require better shear strength properties.

Some of Our Popular High Shear Strength Adhesive Systems

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