Master Bond Adhesive Systems for the Assembly of Appliances

Master Bond’s epoxy adhesive systems are employed in a wide range of appliance applications ranging from refrigerators, washers and dryers, to coffee makers and DVD players. We formulate an extensive array of epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, polysulfides, cyanoacrylates and UV/visible light cure systems for the assembly of appliances.

Epoxy System Performance Properties for the Assembly of Appliances

Specific grades of Master Bond’s specialty epoxy adhesives for white/brown appliance and subassembly applications include:

  • Fast cures for high speed assembly applications
  • Resistance to vibration, impact and shock
  • Enhanced chemical, moisture, steam and flame resistance
  • Superior electrical insulation properties
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Protection against corrosion

Additionally, products are designed to improve aesthetics, absorb sound, withstand high/low temperatures, severe pressure and prevent heat/cold loss.

Specific Uses for Master Bond Adhesives

Our line of compounds provide manufacturing companies reliable, high tech, cost effective solutions and increase efficiency. Common uses are:

  • Potting connectors
  • Adhering door assemblies
  • Laminating panels
  • Bonding door handles
  • Sealing glass tops to frame
  • Magnet bonding
  • Form-in-place gaskets for stove tops
  • Potting terminal switches
  • Conformal coating PC boards
  • Sealing push-button controls
  • LED bonding

Food Grade Certified Epoxy System

Master Bond also offers a food grade certified epoxy system that can be used in a variety of applications as an adhesive, sealant or coating. This epoxy system is ideal for bonding and sealing metals, plastics, rubbers and other substrates commonly found on food service equipment. It is also formulated to withstand exposure to boiling water, steam, fats, oils and many other chemicals.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives for Appliance Assembly

Glass, metal, ceramic, plastic substrates can be rapidly bonded with single component cyanoacrylate adhesives for attachment of corporate logos, door seals, bonding control knobs and touch-up switches. UV/Visible light curing compounds lower operating costs, reduce waste and increase throughput in display, cabinet, control panel and circuitry assembly. These environmentally friendly formulations provide durability, cure "on demand", contain no solvents, and offer strong bond strength even after aging. Form-in-place gaskets for clothes washers, dryers, electric ranges, cutting tools and air conditioners cure in seconds, lower labor costs, improve product designs and decrease inventory/floor space requirements.

Silicone Systems and Epoxies

One and two component silicones have fast handling times, good bond strength to many substrates such as glass, stainless steel, many engineered plastics and can be applied automatically with robotic equipment to streamline production. High elongation, low stress systems are employed for oven doors, sealing glass tops to metal frames on electric ranges, potting thermocouples and bonding nylon parts on clothes washers. They offer thermal stability and resist shaking. Gap filling one and two part epoxies feature structural bonding capability, impermeability to liquids, gases, electrical insulation characteristics. Applications consist of sealing formed joints, potting wire harnesses, motor assembly, filter end caps, bonding and conformal coating PC boards.Specific grades offer sound damping properties, superior tear resistance and can be dispensed on complex shapes.

Master Bond is at the forefront of developing novel formulations to meet the evolving needs of the appliance industry. We are constantly working with major manufacturing companies to cost effectively bond multiple light weight substrates and improve the functionality, aesthetics and energy efficiency of their future products. Major technological advances have led to safer, higher performing, government compliant, reliable solutions. Special attention has been placed in addressing ergonomic, environmental, interconnectivity design issues. Our products will give you a competitive edge and improve profitability by responding to customer desires.

Most Popular Adhesive Products for the Assembly of Appliances

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