Primers and Adhesion Promoters

Master Bond manufactures a line of adhesion promoter primers for use with its adhesives on difficult to bond substrates. These include a primer specially formulated for polyolefin surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These primers are intended for use in conjunction with adhesives such as epoxies and silicones.

These primers improve surface wettability, inhibit corrosion, enhance bond strength and offer surface protection prior to bonding. They are often used to replace surface treatments and are capable of penetrating rough surfaces enabling effective sealing characteristics. Careful quality control procedures need to be strictly followed to ensure proper processing. Thickness of the primer is of vital importance. Additionally selecting the proper primer requires careful consultation with the adhesive formulator to ensure suitability with the adhesive/substrate combination and optimizing durability in service.

Master Bond primers are single component liquid systems and require no mixing. They can be easily applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. These low-solids, air drying coatings add a new thin layer to the surfaces being joined. At a later time period the adhesive can be applied. This has proven beneficial in numerous assembly applications. Primers often contain wetting agents, tougheners, corrosion inhibitors to improve serviceability. In fact elastomeric primers were developed to address the need for a flexible interface due to the thermal expansion issues. Most important, these products contribute to higher initial strength properties, long term strength retention characteristics and resistance to moisture/humidity attack.

Most Popular Master Bond Primer Compounds

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