Thermal Shock Resistant Adhesives

Bonding, sealing, potting/encapsulation compounds provide protection against cracking, delamination, leaking, deformation, mechanical failure from rapid extreme temperature fluctuations. These epoxy, silicone products are designed to ensure that parts, components, devices will perform as necessary upon exposure to severe conditions. Examples include:

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Fluid handling devices
  • High density electronic packaging
  • Launch vehicles
  • Aircraft components
  • LEDs
  • Sensors
  • Transformers

They are formulated to feature high Tg and flexibility to absorb thermally induced stresses. Selecting the proper grade requires careful consideration of:

  • Exact temperature gradients
  • Frequency of cycles
  • Length of time at each gradient

Thermal shock resistant potting/encapsulation compounds exhibit low viscosity, toughness, long working life and low exothermic properties. They offer high voltage insulation and guard delicate assemblies, heat generating devices and stress sensitive components. Heat dissipative systems are also available for use.


High strength one and two component adhesives systems have exceptional peel/shear strength and adhere well to dissimilar substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction.

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