Master Bond B-stage epoxy systems are pre-impregnated on a reinforcing fabric such as carbon, glass, aramid, hybrid fibers, layered on a mold and cured with heat/pressure for repeatable, uniform laminations. Prepregs offer many advantages over other processes for composite fabrication. Easy to use thermoset epoxy prepreg materials liquidify at low temperatures, fully cure at modest temperatures, speed cycle times, reduce waste and improve aesthetics. Prepregs are often cured using a press or vacuum bagging. Ramp up/ramp down temperatures, type of fiber, fiber orientation, resin, resin content are crucial to achieving the best results for specific end use requirements. Durable, stiff, light weight, fatigue resistant, water impervious prepreg advanced composite components offer exceptional performance/reliability for energy, industrial machinery, sporting goods, defense, aerospace, marine manufacturing companies. Select B-stage Master Bond formulations withstand solvents/corrosives, wear exposure and feature toughness and high Tg properties.

Most Popular Epoxies for Prepregs

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