Light blocking adhesives can be critical for sensitive applications

Specialized optical, medical and other applications need light to be blocked in a specific wavelength range. Master Bond custom formulates versatile adhesives that offer precise light blocking for use in such unique applications.

Light is an electromagnetic wave with varying wavelengths and frequencies. Light visible to our naked eyes typically lie in the wavelength range of 400nm - 750nm. However, there are many other forms of light that are invisible to human eyesight. The figure below explains the different light forms and their respective wavelength ranges.

Increasing Wavelength

1pm – 1nm 1nm - 400nm 400nm - 750nm 750nm – 25µm
X Rays UV Visible IR

Our products can offer effective blocking over the entire spectrum. However, with use of special fillers, we can achieve selective blocking in the UV range while giving superior transmission in the visible and IR wavelengths. Filtering UV light can be very critical in sensitive applications for use in optical, healthcare, food and various other OEM industries.

Additionally, with the use of radiopaque fillers like barium sulfate, our adhesives can actively block X-rays. This is extremely useful, especially in the medical and diagnostics industries where achieving good contrast and sharpness is crucial for fluoroscopy and x-ray imaging.

Most Popular Light Blocking Polymer Systems

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