Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for the Telecommunication Industry

Innovative polymer compounds have been developed to meet the ever increasing demands of mobile electronic and telecommunication devices. They provide fast processing times, convenient application, high durability for long term service. From structural adhesives to electrically conductive pastes to conformal coatings to glob tops to thermal management products, Master Bond has specially designed formulations to optimize performance.

Our broad line of epoxies, silicones, UV/visible light curing compounds have played an essential role in opto-mechanical assemblies for network/infrastructure companies, wireless/broadband carriers and mobile device manufacturers. They have been employed in the development of routers, modems, multiplexers, communication satellites, switching equipment, fiber optic systems and have enabled telecommunication products to speed connectivity, improve spectrum efficiency for voice, video, image platforms. Systems are compounded to meet exact standards and address interoperability concerns for use under widely differing operational conditions. Market leading companies have taken advantage of our unique capabilities to accelerate new product innovations, upgrade network infrastructure, optimize performance, reduce cost in this intensely competitive marketplace.

Most notable has been the use of our environmentally friendly UV/visible light cure adhesives for alignment accuracy. These ultra fast cure on demand one part formulations are employed for fiber optic assembly, lens positioning and exhibit high optical clarity, excellent light transmission properties. Select grades feature low stress, low shrinkage, low outgassing per NASA specifications and adhere well to ceramic, glass, quartz, plastic, metal substrates.

Other significant developments for the telecommunication industry have been the employment of gels for strain relief, use of both low CTE adhesives and RTV bonding materials to mate substrates with mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion/contraction and systems with high Tg values. Additionally thin, uniform structural bond lines have played an essential role in critical joint assemblies which have shown remarkable stability upon exposure to humidity, high/low temperatures, pressure, chemicals. Select grades will not delaminate when subjected to vibration, impact, and have been successfully tested by independent laboratories to withstand 1,000 hours at 85°C/85%RH.

Wireless Communication Applications

High performance Master Bond adhesives, sealants, potting and encapsulation compounds have gained wide acceptance in wireless telecommunication applications. Specific applications include:

  • Traffic control systems
  • GPS systems
  • Satellite television
  • Ultrasonic remote control devices
  • Cordless computer peripherals
  • Home entertainment system control boxes

Mobile Device Applications for Master Bond Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings and Potting/Encapsulation Systems

Master Bond compounds offer cost effective solutions for the assembly of many mobile devices such as:

  • Laptop computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Memory cards
  • GPS navigators



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