Specially Formulated Electrically Insulative Adhesive Systems

Master Bond electrically insulative epoxies are formulated to meet your specific application requirements. Epoxies are “go to materials” when first rate electrical insulation values are needed. Our comprehensive line has a wide range of products with high dielectric strength, low dielectric constants, high volume resistivity and a low dissipation factor. The ultimate electrical insulation numbers depend upon the resin, hardener and, in certain cases, fillers in order to achieve the desired properties. Curing agents are particularly significant in this regard, with the major ones being aliphatic amines, polyamides, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, anhydrides, lewis acids and imidazoles. The electrical properties mentioned above, also apply to Master Bond’s silicones, UV curable and cyanoacrylates.

The chart below illustrates electrical insulation values that can be achieved for select grades of systems with different fillers:

System Type Product Volume Resistivity, 75°F Dielectric Constant, 75°F
Two part epoxy EP21LVMED >1015 ohm-cm 2.79, 60Hz
Two part silicone MasterSil 151 >1014 ohm-cm 2.5, 60Hz
Two part epoxy EP110F8-1 >1015 ohm-cm 2.69, 1MHz
Two part epoxy EP30NS >1015 ohm-cm 3.5, 60Hz
One part UV curable UV15 >1014 ohm-cm 2.96, 1MHz

Common Applications for Electrically Insulative Polymer Systems

Our electrically insulative polymers can be used as sealants, coatings and potting/encapsulation compounds. They are excellent choices for ferrite bonding, SMD attach, potting PCBs, heating sinking, glob top over ICs, copper coil impregnation and flip chip underfills. They are employed in:

  • Semiconductor assembly
  • Medical electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Optical/fiber optical devices
  • Communication devices
  • PCB assembly

Specific epoxy formulations feature high thermal conductivity, toughness, flexibility, serviceability at high/low temperatures, withstand severe thermal cycling/shock and have excellent mechanical strength characteristics. Two component, low exothermic systems were developed that cure at low temperatures, have long working life after mixing for use in large volume potting/casting applications. Silicone systems provide protection against weathering, stress relief for sensitive electronics components, effectiveness over a wide temperature range, minimal shrinkage and consistent electrical properties when exposed to humidity, temperature fluctuations etc. They have been often employed for high voltage usage. These products are noted for their outstanding long term durability after aging and have enabled end users to extend equipment, device, component longevity. Additionally select Master Bond electrically insulative silicone systems are resistant to chemicals, pass UL94V-1 and UL94V-0 testing for flame retardancy and possess high elongation properties. These compounds maximize reliability, deliver design flexibility, cost effectiveness and can be purchased in a range of viscosities, cure speeds.

Our Most Popular Electrically Insulative Compounds

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