UV curable adhesive systems for the assembly of respiratory devices

Some of the vital properties for the assembly of respiratory devices such as ventilators in the medical industry include but are not limited to good strength, fast processing speeds, and in many cases a high degree of flexibility. Master Bond’s line of USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certified adhesives, sealants, and coatings not only meet stringent biocompatibility requirements, but also pass rigorous cytotoxicity tests. These products can be used to bond a variety of substrates ranging from polycarbonates, acrylics, polyesters, to other plastics, metals, ceramics, and various electronic components. They are environmentally friendly, and many of them contain no solvents or diluents. These products are resistant to a wide range of sterilants, chemicals, and temperatures.

Some examples of products include:

Products Certifications Key Features
UV15X-6Med-2 USP Class VI & ISO10993-5 rated, one component UV curable system Good degree of flexibility
Fast cure speeds
EP21LV3/5Med USP Class VI rated, two component room temperature curable epoxy High elongation
Good bond strength
X21Med ISO10993-5 rated one component primer/adhesive Primer/adhesive for Polyolefins
Good degree of toughness
UV22DC80-1Med USP Class VI & ISO rated 1 component UV + heat or dual curing epoxy Nano-silica filled
Good dimensional stability
MasterSil 912Med USP Class VI & ISO rated 1 component silicone High degree of flexibility
Paste consistency

These products are widely used for bonding, sealing, and encapsulation applications for filters, valves, tubes, cartridges, regulators, sensors, gaskets, and face shields, which are eventually used as components needed for respiratory devices.

Medical Grade Adhesives for Respiratory Devices Assembly

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