Master Bond Silicone Adhesive Systems

Master Bond offers MasterSil® one and two component silicone adhesives. These silicones are elastomeric systems that feature a unique combination of flexibility and high temperature resistance. One part systems require no mixing and cure by moisture in the air. Two part systems are cured by a polymerization reaction that occurs when a curing agent is added. They are frequently employed over wide bonding areas and where humidity is insufficient for complete cure of single part systems. Generally, two part systems can cure in thicker sections than one part systems.

These versatile systems expand design options. They relieve thermally induced stress between substrates with different coefficients of expansion/contraction and have high elongation properties and maintain their elasticity at low temperatures. Their weatherability over time including UV radiation exposure is excellent. Select grades have superior solvent resistance, are easily repairable after cure, have successfully withstood 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH, perform exceptionally in medium/high voltage applications and are optically clear.
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Applications of MasterSil® Silicones

MasterSil® one and two part silicone systems are used as adhesives, sealants, coatings and potting compounds. They are employed in the electronic, automotive, optical, medical, appliance and power industries. Our cutting edge products meet specific requirements for many diverse application needs.

Silicone Adhesives Meeting Industrial Certifications

Learn about our silicone systems meeting NASA Low Outgassing specifications

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