Reworkable Polymer Systems for Industrial Use

Master Bond offers unique adhesive systems for temporary bonding that can be removed without surface contamination. These outstanding systems have gained wide acceptance and are presently employed in the electronic, electrical, optical and metalworking industries.

Rework procedure will vary depending on the adhesive type, bond line thickness, substrates involved, and geometry of the parts/assembly. Our products have been quite effective in replacing defective components in costly assemblies. This can be accomplished without damaging adjacent parts or sensitive substrates in an application.

In general, flexible products such as silicones & urethanes would be easier to remove as compared to rigid curing epoxies. However, achieving a smooth removal may not be easy in all applications.

Applications Featuring Master Bond Reworkable Adhesives

Master Bond’s highly regarded reworkable systems are used throughout a variety of industries. Some common applications utilizing our reworkable adhesive materials include:

  • Bonding of substrates exhibiting differing CTEs
  • Underfill encapsulants in the electronic packaging areas
  • Encapsulation of various electronics assemblies
  • Ceramic substrate attachments inside hermetically sealed packages
  • Wafer bonding
  • Bonding of integrated, rigid and flexible circuits

Most Popular Reworkable Adhesive Systems

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