Master Bond EP21LVFL combines good flexibility with a solid strength profile.
It is curable at room temperature with a long working life of 120-160 minutes at 75°F for a 100 gram batch and features
a flowable initial mixed viscosity of 10,000-14,000 cps. This epoxy generates low exotherm making it

Master Bond EP40TCMed is a two part, room temperature curing epoxy system that meets the requirements
of ISO 10993-5 for non-cytotoxicity. It is thermally conductive, electrically non-conductive and can be
utilized as an adhesive or sealant in various medical and wearable device applications.

Master Bond Supreme 3DM-85 is a no mix, non-solvent based, one component epoxy. This thixotropic paste material was formulated to serve
as the damming compound in dam-and-fill encapsulation applications. It can also be utilized for bonding and sealing,
especially where no flow is needed since the material cures in place and will not run or slump.

Master Bond EP5LTE-100 is a one part, non-premixed and frozen epoxy with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE),
high glass transition temperature (Tg), and extremely high modulus. It has a thixotropic paste consistency making it ideal for bonding,

Master Bond EP17HTDA-2 is a one component epoxy that can be used for bonding, sealing and die attachment.
It is not premixed and frozen, and cures with heat. This dimensionally stable system features excellent mechanical properties with both a high modulus and die shear strength.
It transfers heat and resists thermo-mechanical stresses effectively.

Master Bond LED415DC90 is a one component adhesive system that cures rapidly upon exposure to a 405 nm wavelength
LED light source without any oxygen inhibition. The rate of cure depends upon the intensity of the light source,