Structural Adhesive Systems

Master Bond one and two component structural adhesives offer remarkable bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates. These compounds produce assemblies mechanically equivalent or stronger than conventional metal fastened parts at lower cost and weight. They also feature protection against corrosion and high/low temperature exposure.

Key Advantages of Master Bond Structural Adhesives

  • Even distribution of stress over the entire bonded surface
  • Improved load bearing capacity
  • Insulator against galvanic corrosion in metal assemblies
  • Enhanced structural appearance—protrusions and punctures eliminated
  • Protective sealing against contamination by liquids and gases
  • Weight reduction
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • High peel and shear strength properties
  • Solvent free
  • Lower cost and increased productivity
  • High glass transition temperatures (Tg)
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance
  • Gap filling
  • Superior durability and toughness

Careful planning is the key to successful bonding. An engineer must consider several factors to maximize the performance of structural polymers including:

  • Style of joint to be bonded
  • Surface preparation
  • Chemistry options
  • Service capabilities of adhesive
  • Curing requirements

Learn about Master Bond's specialty aramid fiber reinforced epoxy adhesive for high performance structural bonding.

Some of Our Most Popular Structural Adhesive Systems

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