Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for Semiconductor Assemblies

High performance complex automated semiconductor equipment meet exacting standards and enable electronic device manufacturers to assemble smaller, smarter, faster, more powerful, affordable products that require lower power consumption. Master Bond adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting/encapsulation compounds consisting of epoxies, silicones have been instrumental in contributing solutions to enhance innovation, maximize productivity while decreasing defects. Master Bond is leading the way in semiconductor packaging with a complete line of underfill, die attach, glob top and encapsulation compounds. These systems are designed for easy processing and dependability.

Collaborating with both suppliers and customers, Master Bond's team of technical experts has played a key role in the development of cutting edge semiconductor equipment used for etching, cleaning, deposition, photolithography, diffusion to assembly, packing, testing systems. Upgrading manufacturing technology is extremely important in this most competitive industry. Our engineering staff has encountered many difficult technical challenges and has been successful in blending unique formulations to satisfy difficult specification requirements.

Employing many Master Bond polymeric compositions has provided semiconductor equipment companies design flexibility, reduction in lead times, increased output, lower costs and new opportunities to create technically advanced products at healthy operating margins. Major progress has facilitated smaller geometry chip designs, larger diameter silicon wafers and a transition from aluminum to copper interconnecting. Growing markets for mobile technology, internet of things, rising storage needs will expand the scope of possibility in the digital economy and the anticipated future demand for appropriate semiconductor equipment to keep pace with the ever evolving rapid pace of change. The proliferation in the use of electronic devices will only heighten the significance in the capability of these most vital lines of semiconductor equipment products.

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