Solvent Resistant Epoxy Adhesives

Distinct Master Bond formulations resist continuous, intermittent immersion, spillage, vapor exposure from specific organic and inorganic solvents. These ambient temperature, thermal curing and UV cure epoxy systems are designed for short term (30 days) and long term exposures. Products exhibit excellent bond strength between similar/dissimilar substrates including metals, ceramic, glass, plastic surfaces. Select grades have been developed to withstand heat aging and high stress in various solvent environments for indoor/outdoor usage. These 100% solid Master Bond compounds are available in liquid/paste viscosities and are easy to apply.

Master Bond Solvent Resistant Systems

From processing facilities to production plants to power stations, Master Bond solvent resistant adhesives, sealants and coatings are satisfying the needs of material and design engineers. Manufacturers of automotive, marine, military, agriculture, mining equipment, oil/gas processing components, electronic devices, scientific instruments depend on Master Bond for challenging adhesive bonding applications that require exposure to the following organic and inorganic solvents:

Oxygenated Solvents Hydrocarbon Solvents Halogenated Solvents Inorganic Solvents`
Alcohols Gasoline Trichlorethylene Water
Methyl acetate Hexane Carbon tetrachloride Surfacants
Ketones Benzene Hycrochlorofluorocarbon Detergents
Esters Toluene Ethylene Dibromide
Acetone Xylene

Testing/evaluation should replicate actual usage conditions to confirm suitability of the epoxy adhesive, sealant, coating for your specific application.

Chemical Resistance Data for Master Bond Formulations

The graph below shows the weight change of EP41S-5 as a % versus time (number of weeks) when immersed in acetone:

The graph below shows the weight change of UV25 as a % versus time (number of weeks) when immersed in methylene chloride:

Master Bond's database of chemical immersion tests extends up to 10 years

Most Popular Solvent Resistant Polymer Systems

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