Master Bond High Compressive Strength EpoxiesAdvanced formulations feature outstanding resistance to compressive forces. Products are designed for service in structural bonding applications. Specific grades offer compressive strengths as high as 20,000-25,000 psi at room temperature.

Key Benefits of Master Bond High Compressive Strength Systems

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High/low temperature serviceability
  • Excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Easy application

ASTM D695 test method is often employed for measuring compressive strength. Definitive strength values have enabled design engineers to reduce material costs, comply with industry standards and ensure extended life span for finished products. Our compounds have demonstrated, under uniform applied loads when placed between parallel compression plates, their capability of achieving high compressive strength properties without rupturing or deformation. Manufacturers of components, machinery, structures have been able to meet the most stringent quality control standards under variable environmental exposures such as humidity, thermal cycling. Select Master bond formulations have proven effective in maintaining their structural integrity under repetitive compressive loads at subambient/elevated temperatures. This is highlighted in their usage by leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronic, electrical, medical device industries.

Most Popular High Compressive Strength Compounds

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