Adhesives with High Cleavage Strength

Designing the strongest possible bonded joints is an important but difficult task for engineers. Joining substrates in complex assemblies can be challenging. Engineers are faced with numerous concerns including appearance, reduced corrosion, vibration, sound dampening, lightweighting, adhering dissimilar substrates, electrical insulation, heat dissipation and other factors. Additionally a special emphasis must be placed on assembly costs.


Epoxies with High Cleavage StrengthMaster Bond has developed adhesive formulations that can withstand severe stress between rigid surfaces that are opened at one end. These one and two component systems are noted for their durability, strength, electrical and thermal properties. They also possess formidable resistance to both hostile chemical vapor and immersion exposure.


Surface preparation is recommended to maximize performance. Our products are available for use in high and low volume applications. They are easily dispensed with manual, semiautomatic and automatic application equipment.

Most Popular High Cleavage Strength Adhesives

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