Master Bond UV Curable Adhesive

High performance one part, no mix UV curable adhesives feature rapid cure speeds, high bond strength and easy application. A wide range of formulations are available to meet specific application requirements.

High, medium, low viscosity products will polymerize often in seconds upon exposure to a UV light source at the proper wavelength/intensity. These adhesives are not oxygen inhibited and require no heat to cure. They are ideal for bonding heat sensitive substrates. Master Bond UV cure adhesives eliminate the need for measuring, mixing, pot life issues, ovens and minimize waste. These highly reliable adhesives can be applied manually/automatically and reduce labor costs, regulatory expenses, energy/electricity while shortening cycle times. They have proven cost effective as an alternative to other joining methods.

UV adhesives are used extensively for precise positioning/alignment of parts. Compounds can be employed for structural or temporary bonding. Master Bond UV cure adhesives bond well to similar/dissimilar substrates including metals, rubbers, glass, ceramics, plastics such as polycarbonates, acrylics, phenolics. Specific grades offer optical clarity/translucency, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, resistance to chemicals, fuels, solvents, moisture. Products provide protection from environmental degradation from outdoor weathering to meet rigorous end user requirements.

New Developments in UV Curable Adhesive Systems

Extensive research and development has resulted in new formulations with enhanced properties. The most noteworthy are:

  • USP Class VI approved compounds
  • NASA low outgassing grades
  • Nanosilica filled systems

Master Bond ultraviolet curable systems are presently employed in the automotive, electronic, medical, optical, electro-optical, appliance, fiber-optic and general assembly applications.

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