Quality Control

Master Bond products are formulated to stringent quality control standards to ensure consistent, reproducible end user performance. This includes visual examination, inspection, testing/analysis of incoming raw materials by properly trained personnel. Accuracy of incoming bulk material supplier lab reports need to be verified to assure strict compliance to Master bond specifications. Careful attention is given to viscosity, density, color, moisture content to guarantee lot to lot consistency. All incoming materials are labeled, dated and placed in a controlled storage location. Room temperature, refrigeration and freezer storage is common.

Master Bond products are compounded when ordered and adhere to controlled mixing conditions. Batches/lots are formulated at exact temperatures, humidity and resins, fillers, additives, modifiers are incorporated in a specific sequence. This manufacturing process will not be adjusted once established. Processing equipment is maintained per manufacturers recommendations, frequency of use in order to provide the most efficient, complete mixing for each grade of Master Bond purchased. They are checked on schedule for cleanliness and to prevent incursion of dust, fumes, vapors, particulate matter that could result in a deviation of physical, chemical, mechanical properties. It is important to note that different type/volume mixers are employed to satisfy/conform to our commitment to the highest quality standards. Additionally vacuum degassing processes are used to prevent air bubbles.

Production/traceability records are meticulously kept and are readily retrievable. They are designed for long term retention and are stored in multiple locations. We also keep retained samples. Basic in-house testing instruments such as viscometers are regularly callibrated to maintain accuracy. Filtration systems are used to achieve advanced quality objectives.

Select Master Bond products meet rigorous industrial certifications, such as NASA for low outgassing, USP Class VI for biocompatibility, FAR 25.853(a) for flame retardancy and many others. All tests has been conducted by well established independent testing laboratories.

For more information please contact our technical support team.

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