Adhesive Compounds for Electric Motors and GeneratorsOne and two component epoxy adhesives, sealants and potting compounds offer toughness, high strength adhesion and cost effective performance in electrical motor and generator assembly applications. These compounds are designed to provide thermal stability, resistance to chemicals, vibration, impact and thermal cycling. Additionally, specific formulations provide superior electrical insulation properties, thermal conductivity and gap filling abilities.

Key Benefits of Master Bond Epoxy System

Adhesive bonding has replaced mechanical fastening in electrical motor and generator manufacturing and feature the following advantages:

  • Weight reduction
  • Stresses evenly distributed
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Lower costs
  • Easily automated

A wide range of systems are available with different cure speeds at ambient and elevated temperatures.

Common Uses

Typical uses include assembly and maintenance, such as:

  • Bonding stack laminations
  • Encapsulate stators
  • Reinforcing wires
  • Ring magnets to rotor bonding
  • Lead wire tacking
  • Armature balancing

Most Popular Adhesives for Electrical Motor and Generator Applications

Supreme 10HTFL
Highly flexible, no mix adhesive. Offers outstanding peel strength. 100% reactive. Superior water and chemical resistance.
Supreme 3HT-80
Toughened, low temperature heat curing epoxy adhesive and sealant. Contains no solvents or other volatiles. One part, no mix system. Cures at 80°C within 30 minutes. Resists up to 350°F. High peel and shear strength.
Room temperature curing, high strength adhesive/sealant. Resistant to mechanical shock, vibration and impact. Convenient one to one mix ratio. Withstands thermal cycling.
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