Master Bond Adhesive Systems for the Assembly of Batteries

Master Bond adhesives play an important role in many battery applications, including thermal management, protecting batteries from environmental contaminants and weight-reduction.

Thermally conductive epoxy adhesives and potting compounds can be used in battery assembly to improve heat dissipation. Select adhesive and sealant systems offer protection from moisture, vibration, mechanical shock and extreme temperatures. The chemical resistance of epoxies and silicones can be further exploited to safeguard the battery from acids, bases, fuels, solvents and corrosive salts that it may be exposed to during the course of its operating life.

There durable compositions are available in a range of viscosities. Systems can be dispensed automatically and are designed to provide superior adhesion between similar and dissimilar non-traditional substrates. Select grades are often employed for tight tolerances in compact and confined areas.

Key Properties of Adhesives for Batteries

A comprehensive understanding of battery parameters is necessary when selecting an adhesive system. In many cases, the following adhesive properties are commonly required for battery applications:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal conductivity

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Most Popular Adhesive Products for the Assembly of Batteries

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