Worldwide Shipping

Master Bond ships worldwide all size and quantity orders, from 1 cc syringes to 5 gallon pails. All packaging, labeling and documentation meet appropriate governmental regulations, including U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

What shipping methods do you offer for international customers?

International shipments can be shipped via any carrier – UPS, FedEx, DHL, Freight Forwarder, etc. Customers can use their own UPS or FedEx account number or Master Bond can prepay and add the freight costs to the invoice. DHL and Freight Forwarders must be shipped on the customer account number.

International options for hazardous shipments depend on specific country regulations and include FedEx Priority, FedEx 023, DHL Global Forwarding or Freight Forwarder. Hazmat fees are incurred.

What are the safety regulations for shipping chemical materials internationally?

All appropriate shipping and customer service personnel have received customized in-house training at our factory and have been certified to meet IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations by a leading independent educational organization. Additionally, our employees are certified in DOT Hazardous Materials shipping regulations.

What languages are your technical documents and certifications available in?

All documentation provided by Master Bond is available in English only, including safety data sheets and technical data sheets.

Meeting customer expectations

For over 41 years international shipping has been part of our day to day business operations. Master Bond offers unmatched experience and expertise in shipping our products throughout the world. All formulations are made fresh per order to ensure maximum shelf life. Our team of service representatives will recommend the most efficient, cost effective shipping method to assure that your order is received when and where you want it delivered – all the time!

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