UV Curing Form-In-Place and Cure-in-Place Gaskets

Master Bond custom formulates products to meet individual design specifications. UV curing grades for form-in-place and cure-in-place gaskets replace die-cut gaskets, RTV sealants and tape. These ecologically friendly, single component, 100% solid silicone free elastomers provide a highly reliable barrier for protection against dust, liquids, gases, contaminants. Flowable or high viscosity products have been engineered to be precisely dispensed in a bead profile on vertical/horizontal grooves, channels, flat surfaces. Adhesion to metals, plastics, glass, ceramic surfaces is excellent. Durable, soft, tack-free Master Bond compositions were developed to optimize throughput speed while lowering labor/production cost. Specific grades cure only in sections upon UV light exposure. Job proven Master Bond FIP/CIP thin/thick gaskets meet a wide variety of performance properties such as the ability to withstand pressure, thermal cycling, shock, impact, transmitting loads.

Advantages of UV Curing Adhesives for Form-in-Place Gasket Applications

UV curable adhesives provide a number of advantages over traditional RTV silicones used to produce form-in-place gaskets, including:

  • Gasket design flexibility
  • Faster cure times
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Elimination of ovens, stacking and racking
  • Saving factory space
  • Reducing inventory
  • Easy automation for high volume production
  • No emission of corrosive elements

Master Bond’s Most Popular UV Form-in-Place Adhesive, Sealant, Coating

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