Adhesives, sealants and coatings for the assembly of surgical instruments

Master Bond's epoxy, silicone, UV/visible light curing compounds are widely used in the healthcare industry as an adhesive, sealant or coating for surgical instruments and other medical devices. Our formulations are versatile and can adhere to a variety of smiilar and dissimilar substrates. They offer high bond strength, fast cure speeds and exceptional durability. Our products are also manufactured to resist multiple cycles of sterilizations, including radiation, steam, ethylene oxide and chemical sterilants such as hydrogen peroxide, glutaraldehyde, paracetic acid, Cidex®, and Sterrad®. They also provide protection against disinfectants, detergents, isopropyl alcohol and bleaches. Select adhesives are used on both disposable and reusable surgical instruments. Our company promises reliability, taking measures to comply with USP Class Vi biocompatibility specifications and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity testing standards.

Application specific Master Bond grades possess different properties and are engineered for the assembly of multiple surgical devices. These instruments are employed in major and minor operations. They range from elective, required, urgent/emergency surgeries. Open surgery depends on a large incision in the skin. Some common examples of open surgical procedures performed using particular types of Master Bond bonded devices involve:

  • joint replacement
  • coronary artery bypass
  • organ replacement
  • broken bone repair
  • spinal fusion
  • partial colectomy

Master Bond line of medical grade compounds are pivotal in the construction of surgical devices for minimally invasive robotic and non robotic procedures. They encompass the following instruments:

  • laparoscopes
  • endoscopes
  • arthroscopes
  • bronchoscopes
  • laryngoscopes
  • sigmoidoscopes
  • cystoscopes
  • hysteroscopes

It is important to note that minimally invasive surgery does not require a large incision, lowers the risk of infection, hospital time, pain, bleeding, effect on immune system, provides the patient a faster recovery time and can be performed on outpatient basis. With robotic surgery the surgery is more precise, allows the surgeon to conduct difficult procedures not possible without the aid of a robot such as access to hard to reach areas, improved flexibility, control and magnified 3D views of surgical sites.

Significant Applications for Master Bond

  • Adhesives bond a variety of substrates including plastics, rubber, metals including titanium, stainless steel, PEEK
  • Sealants as electrical insulators for electrosurgical medical devices
  • Adhesives/sealants/coatings on probes, cutting forceps, staples and scalpels used in surgery
  • Fillings available in large gaps in instruments

Master bond has played a valuable role in the development of laser surgical systems. Custom products provide unique characteristics that enhance the capability of numerous kinds of lasers. They have provided superb performance in eye, foot, spine, thoracic and dental surgery. Our advanced cutting edge polymeric adhesives offer advantages that have enabled lasers to operate with high precision and accuracy to achieve many complex tasks.


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