Adhesive Bonding

Master Bond manufactures a number of form-in-place and cure-in-place gaskets that adhere to glass, plastics, ceramics and metals. These formed-in-place gaskets will seal complex assemblies, prevent leakage of gasses, fluids, moisture, resist pressure and protect against damage from vibration, shock and impact.

Specific formulations feature superior electrical insulation properties, high elongation/softness, low outgassing and outstanding sound damping capabilities. Additionally thermally conductive gasketing systems are used for heat dissipation.

Ease of Use and Other Benefits of Adhesives for Gasketing

Easy to apply, these solvent free compounds lower costs, simplify processing, speed productivity and reduce inventory. High volume production schedules are optimized with rapid setting systems.

Available in flowable to non-sag viscosities these form-in-place and cure-in-place gasketing materials can be precisely dispensed manually or automatically on different shaped components. Highly durable, our gasketing systems will not shrink, crack or become brittle over time and can be used in high temperature environments. They are able to fill gaps in variable heights and widths, even on tightly packaged electronic devices. Accurate repeatable bead profiles eliminate rejects, regardless of how complex the configurations may be.

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