Adhesives for Orthopedic and Prosthetic Device Applications

Cutting edge adhesives, sealants and coatings offer cost effective solutions for orthopedic and prosthetic device manufacturing. Master Bond products feature high bond strength to dissimilar substrates, rapid cure speeds, gap filling capabilities and easy automated dispensing.

Products by Chemistry

  • One and two component epoxies
  • One and two part silicones
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Elastomeric adhesives

The design and manufacturing of orthopedic surgical equipment involves a high degree of complexity. Such applications have also seen the increasing use of electronic sensors, electronic equipment, and digital imaging systems. These systems could include devices ranging from protein detection MEMS sensor implants, to telemetry stress measuring knee implants, to strain sensing sensors, to wireless load measuring systems for vertebral body replacements.

Master Bond has a series of biocompatible and non-cytotoxic compounds specially formulated to meet stringent requirements for orthopedic surgical devices. Ranging from two component, room temperature curable epoxies with ultra low viscosities for encapsulation applications, to high viscosity non-drip, one component heat curable or moisture curable systems, these products are designed to provide a wide range of properties. Select formulations provide excellent repeated autoclaving or resistance to sterilants like Hydrogen Peroxide. New products focusing on improving the speed of cure include dual curing capabilities, which can be tacked with UV light and post cured with moderate heat.

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