Adhesive Compounds for Electro-Optic Components

Our comprehensive line of electro-optic adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting encapsulation compounds are essential for reliable long term performance of process control, military/defense, data storage, security, monitoring, inspection and medical/therapeutic systems. From sensors/detectors to cameras/imaging devices/vision systems to amplifiers to test, measurement equipment including microscopes, Master Bond formulations offer design/manufacturing engineers solutions to targeted requirements. Diverse substrates are effectively joined together with solvent free opaque or clear epoxies to provide the optical, thermal, mechanical, chemical resistant properties necessary for superior results.

One and two component systems are available for use in a variety of viscosities. UV curing compositions cure on demand and are often employed for positioning components precisely. They require no mixing, minimize waste and are easily dispensed from syringe applicators. Ecologically friendly, these products speed processing and optimize cost effectiveness in opto-electronic assembly operations. Key selection criteria are spectral transmittance and index of refraction.

Performance Properties of Adhesives for Electro-Optical Assemblies

Gap filling, high strength, low temperature curing epoxy adhesives exhibit excellent thermal/dimensional stability for alignment/attachment of electro-optic device components. These materials feature superb electrical insulation, low exotherm, low shrinkage and outstanding weatherability such as protection from UV degradation, rain, etc. They adhere tenaciously to properly prepared quartz, metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic surfaces. Their low outgassing standards accepted by NASA for space environments. Additionally they withstand 1000 hours 85°C/85% RH tests.

Master Bond has made significant progress in developing innovative products for compact opto-electronic devices. Special emphasis has been placed on enhanced electrical/thermal conductivity, low ionics, low CTE, hermeticity and high Tg properties. Use of special additives such as zirconium tungstate has led to novel low CTE adhesive systems. Breakthrough compounds have been introduced for thermal management usage that have unsurpassed heat transfer capabilities and can be applied in thin bond lines. Flexible, room temperature curing silver coated nickel filled epoxy provides low volume resistivity, toughness and a cost effective alternative to standard silver filled systems.

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