Adhesives with high peel strength

Master Bond has developed a wide variety of one and two component high peel strength adhesives for challenging bonding applications. Peel strength can be described as a material's ability to resist forces that can pull or peel it apart at a predetermined angle and rate.

Properties of Master Bond's High Peel Strength Adhesives

High peel strength epoxies provide excellent physical strength properties, toughness and resistance to vibration, impact and shock. Specific grades are also noted for:

  • Low temperature serviceability
  • Excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates
  • Withstanding exposure to thermal cycling
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity

Industrial application using high peel strength epoxy adhesivesDetermining the strength requirements for adhesively bonded T-peel joints is essential in meeting stringent reliability requirements of multiple industrial parts/systems. Our high, medium, low viscosity formulations were developed to offer enhanced bonding solutions for flexible, rigid substrates subjected to peel forces. The performance capability of these compounds is dependent on the types of materials being bonded, adherent thickness, adhesive thickness/width, length of overlap areas, surface preparation of substrates, type and magnitude of load, heat, humidity. In many cases speed and angle of separations need to be evaluated in order to replicate actual service conditions. These products are designed to provide long term durability, chemical resistance, low shrinkage, strength retention after aging and easy, simple dispensing characteristics.

Select Master Bond compositions feature both high peel and shear strength properties. For example two component, room temperature curing epoxy system EP31ND exhibits a tensile lap shear strength of 4,000-4,200 psi and a T-peel strength of >50 pli. In contrast single component no-mix epoxy adhesive Supreme 10HT has a tensile lap shear strength of 3,600-3,800 psi and a T-peel strength of >25-30 pli.

Some Popular High Peel Strength Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

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