Adhesives with High Flexural Strength

Master Bond Epoxies with Flexural StrengthSpecial Master Bond one and two component epoxy systems offer outstanding flexural strength properties. Formulations are designed to provide high performance and excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates. Additionally, they feature superior thermal stability, exceptional chemical resistance and convenient cure schedules.

Selecting the most suitable adhesive requires careful evaluation of the bending properties under incremental loads for different specimens/thicknesses. Determination of the failure point and resisting deformation is of prime importance for structural applications under high stress conditions. This allows engineers design flexibility, light weight construction, achievable bond strength, proper preparation of difficult bonding surfaces, aging resistance and extending product longevity. High flexural strength adhesive products have been successfully employed over large bonding surfaces, for adhering substrates with dissimilar coefficients of expansion, for static/dynamic loading and for fast processing.

Popular Flexural Epoxy Compounds

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