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EP21AR Two Component Epoxy System EP21AR

Two part, room temperature curable epoxy system with superior resistance to inorganic acids. Low viscosity. Used for bonding, sealing, coating, encapsulation. Serviceable from -60°F to +250°F. 100% reactive compound. Excellent dielectric strength. Especially noteworthy is its resistance to sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.

EP21ARHT Two Part Epoxy EP21ARHT

Serviceable from +400°F. Exceptional acid resistance. Cures at room temperature. Good flow properties. 100% reactive. Low shrinkage upon cure.
Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH. Reliable electrical insulator. Adheres well to metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers and plastics. Shore D hardness 80-90.


Non-drip paste. Exceptional chemical resistance to acids. High bond strength. 100 to 50 mix ratio by weight. Formulated to cure at ambient temperatures. Used for coating pumps, storage vessels, tanks. Serviceable from -60°F to +400°F.

EP21BAS Two Part Radiopaque Epoxy EP21BAS

Two component, room temperature curing, radiopaque epoxy adhesive, sealant and coating. Employed for medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Effective for even 100 KV, px-ray (peak x-ray) machines and higher energy capacities. Convenient one to one mix ratio. High bond strength. Superior electrical insulation properties. Serviceable from -60°F to +250°F.

EP21CLV Two Part Adhesive EP21CLV

Two component epoxy adhesive, sealant, coating, potting, casting compound. Convenient one to one mix ratio. Cures at ambient temperatures. Good flow characteristics. Adjustable rigidity and flexibility by altering mix ratio. Durable bonds for similar and dissimilar substrates. Serviceable from -65°F to +250°F.

EP21D One Part Epoxy EP21D

General purpose epoxy adhesive/sealant. Gap filler. CUres at room temperature. Flexible and tough. Eletrical insulator. Serviceable from -60°F to +250°F. High peel strength.

EP21DP11 Two Part Epoxy EP21DP11

Flexible two component epoxy for bonding, sealing, casting, potting. Low viscosity. 100% reactive. Resistant to thermal cycling. Superb electrical insulator. Serviceable from -60°F to +250°F. Contains release agent that facilitates use in potting and encapsulation application. Shore D hardness 45-55. Red color.

EP21F Two Component Epoxy Compound EP21F

High strength two component epoxy adhesive. One to one mix ratio. Viscosity 50,000 cps. Serviceable from -60°F to +300°F. Superb durability.

 EP21FL Two Part Epoxy EP21FL

Toughened, two component epoxy system for bonding, sealing and potting. Excellent resistance to impact and exposures to many chemicals. Superior electrical insulation properties. Low exotherm upon cure. Long working life. Serviceable from -100°F to +250°F. Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH.
T-peel strength 10-15 pli.

EP21FLV Two Component Epoxy EP21FLV

Fast curing epoxy adhesive. Produces durable, tough, high strength bonds. Will cure at low ambient temperatures. Resistant to thermal cycling. Non critical equal weight or volume mix ratio. Excellent dielectric properties. Service operating temperature range from -60°F to +250°F.