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MasterSil 913Med Silicone System MasterSil 913Med

Acetoxy type system. Bonding, sealing, coating compound. Pass ISO cytotoxicity specifications. Tack free time 10-20 minutes at 75°F. Shore A hardness 20-30. Elongation 600-700%. Paste viscosity. Service temperature range -75°F to +400°F.

MasterSil 920-LO One Part Silicone System MasterSil 920-LO

RTV silicone for sealing, coating and small encapsulation. NASA low outgassing approved. Superb optical clarity. Good flow properties. Non-corrosive. Soft durometer facilitates usage with sensitive components. Excellent electrical insulator. Withstands thermal cycling.

MasterSil 921-LO One Part Silicone Compound MasterSil 921-LO

Passes NASA low outgassing test requirements. Spreads evenly and smoothly. Bonds well to many substrates. Wide service temperature range of -175°F to +500°F. Neutral curing, non-corrosive type system.

MasterSil 922-LO One Part Silicone System MasterSil 922-LO

Blended RTV silicone pastefor bonding, sealing, coating. Vibration and shock resistant. Withstands aggressive thermal cycling. NASA low outgassing approved. Serviceable from -175°F to 500°F.

MasterSil 930 One Part Fluorosilicone System MasterSil 930

Acetoxy type fluorosilicone for bonding, sealing, coating. Enhanced resistance to fuels, oils, solvents, water, greases. Paste viscosity. Withstands thermal cycling. Serviceable up to +450°F. No mix system.

MasterSil 970-LO Two Part Silicone Compound MasterSil 970-LO

Moderate viscosity, two component silicone adhesive, sealant, encapsulant. Passes NASA low outgassing test requirements. Vacuum compatible. Withstands rigorous thermal cycling and shock. White color. Good flow properties. Serviceable from -120°F to +400°F.

MasterSil 971-LO Two Part Epoxy MasterSil 971-LO

Meets ASTM E595 specifications for low outgassing. Optically clear, two part system with one to one mix ratio by weight. Serviceable from -120°F to +400°F. First class electrical insulator.

MasterSil 973S-LO Two Part Silicone Compound MasterSil 973S-LO

Silver filled, two part, addition cured type silicone. Excellent electrical conductivity. Passes NASA low outgassing test requirements. Highly flexible. Service temperature range from -120°F to +400°F. Volume resistivit >0.004 ohm-cm.

MasterSil 980 Two Part Fluorosilicone Compound MasterSil 980

Two part, fluorosilicone for bonding, sealing, coating. Enhanced chemical resistance. Withstand exposure to gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, ethanol. Serviceable from -85°F to +465°F. Cures well in wide and deep sections. Moderate viscosity.

MasterSil 718 Silicone Primer MasterSil Primer 718

Master Sil Primer 718 is a specially formulated silicone primer for use with Master Sil RTV silicone elastomers and sealants to promote adhesion to various difficult-to-bond substrates such as acrylics, ABS, polycarbonates, polyphenylene oxides, polysulfones, polyesters, styrenics, rigid PVC's, etc. It is a one component, low viscosity colorless liquid which can be applied by such methods as brushing, wiping or dipping.