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The Application

A customer is working on a medical device which requires bonding of an optical lens using a one component system. The device could be disposable or reusable with the possibility of sterilization cycles.

Finding the Answers

  • What are the substrates, their dimensions, and the bonding area?
  • Does the adhesive have to be biocompatible?
  • What would be the sterilization procedure used, and what is the frequency of sterilization?
  • Does the adhesive have to be optically clear?
  • What is the preferred viscosity? How would the adhesive be applied/dispensed?

The Solution

Master Bond offers a variety of USP Class VI approved UV curable compounds

Making certain assumptions including the assumption that the bonding area is completely accessible to UV light, we can recommend UV10Med or UV10TKMed.

Both products are optically clear, and they meet the USP class VI specifications. In addition, UV10TKMed also meets the ISO 10993-5 specifications.

UV10Med offers very low viscosity in comparison to UV10TKMed, which offers moderate (yet flowable) viscosity.

Both products can be used in applications involving sterilizations such as ethylene oxide and gamma radiation. The potential for UV10TKMed extends its usage even in applications involving repeated sterilization procedures such as autoclaving/steam sterilization, not common for most UV curing adhesives.

Additional Products

In certain applications where specifically meeting biocompatible standards is not critical, some other products which can be used are: UV10, UV10TK40, and UV10TKLO-2.

Summary of Products

Product Viscosity USP Class VI Optically Clear Sterilizations
UV10Med Very Low Yes Yes Gamma, EtO and various chemical sterilants
UV10TKMed Moderate Yes Yes Radiation, ethylene oxide, chemical sterilants and autoclaving

Product Viscosity NASA Low Outgassing Optical Clarity
UV10 Very Low No Yes
UV10TK40 Moderate No Yes
UV10TKLO-2 High Yes Yes

Meet Our Tech Expert: Jimee Patel

imageJimee Patel is an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist at Master Bond Inc. She has earned a Masters in EHS Management from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Masters in Environmental Science from SP University in India. She uses her technical expertise to write Material Safety Data Sheets and hazard warning labels, and ensures site compliance with applicable federal and state laws. She also assists with the technical sales department.

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