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Gap filling, seam sealing compounds provide protection against corrosion, good adhesion and prevent air/water leakage. These products are designed for metal, glass reinforced plastic, polycarbonate, polyurethane and other surfaces. They are frequently employed for internal/external seams between panels. Elastic formulations absorb vibration, shock and impact. Rigid curing systems are recommended for specific applications and offer higher bond strength properties.

Seam sealants can be applied with gun applicatorsSeam sealants should be applied to clean surfaces free of dirt, grease and oil. Silicone products can be applied with a caulking gun. Two component epoxy seam sealants are packaged in a double barrel cartridge and dispensed from a gun applicator. Semi-automatic and automatic applicators are also available for use.

These compounds can be purchased in various colors and have a wide range of cure speeds. They contain no solvents and have low shrinkage upon cure. Non-sagging grades can be used on sloped, vertical or horizontal surfaces. Self leveling systems will flow into crevices. Premium products have excellent thermal stability and can be employed in marine environments.