Master Bond adhesives can be found in a wide variety of manufacturing applications such as electrical and electronic devices, automobiles, aircrafts, consumer products, appliances, medical devices and many more. Our products are a great choice for production and manufacturing engineers due to their time efficiency, fast curing schedules and energy saving nature. We can report that our ever growing product line is solvent-free and safe for the manufacturing environment. Master Bond adhesive products can be specially formulated to varying viscosities to meet application specific needs.

Benefits of adhesives over other common assembly methods:

  • Improved, even stress distribution
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance
  • Superior resistance to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Ability to bond dissimilar as well as similar materials
  • Outstanding humidity and corrosion resistance
  • Superior thermal resistance
  • Adhesive formulations for temperatures as high as 600°F to cryogenic temperatures
  • Bonds free of gaps and external projections
  • Substantial weight and significant cost savings without decrease of pertinent bonding strength parameters
  • Unmatched dimensional stability and long-term durability
  • Potential for disassembly of bonded assemblies without adversely affecting the individual components
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