Master Bond EP21TDCN was used by researchers at Università di Firenze, Italy, to create a rigid structure for sensor arrays by bonding PVDF film between two PCBs in their study of the laser pulse detection capabilities of pyroelectric sensors. For this application, the researchers required a conductive bonding compound able to form reliable electrical connections between the film’s gold pads and the PCB’s copper pads. A further requirement for the bonding compound related directly to the fabrication process. In this case, the researchers used a programmable robot designed to dispense the bonding agent, requiring a compound with consistent viscosity to ensure a uniform flow in building the assembly.1

The research team found that Master Bond EP21TDCN epoxy met both performance and manufacturing requirements.


1Capineri, L. & Mazzoni, Marina. (2010). Laser Pulses Characterization with Pyroelectric Sensors. Laser Pulse Phenom. Appl. doi:10.5772/13292. Accessed September 2023.

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