Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems are designed to assess the condition of an engineering structure, identifying changes to the material or properties of the structure that might adversely affect its performance. Master Bond EP29LPSP epoxy was cited in a patent granted to Acellent Technologies, Inc., for a SHM system designed to operate in cryogenic, high vibration environments.1 One such application is the monitoring of liquid propellant rocket engines during operation, when high stresses can lead to structural failures.

The patented device consists of a series of piezoelectric single crystal transducers affixed to a structure with a suitable cryogenic adhesive. Each transducer acts as both an actuator and a sensor, transmitting stress waves to the structure and detecting stress waves from the structure, and is connected to a remote analysis system. Master Bond EP29LPSP two-part epoxy was singled out in the patent grant as a suitable adhesive, due to its ability to withstand cryogenic temperatures and high vibrations while remaining affixed to both the transducer system and to the structure being monitored.

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