Researchers at an independent laboratory collaborated on a paper published by NASA on the tensile and shear testing of epoxies used in cryogenic applications. Specifically, this research focused on the use of epoxy for bonding MLI standoffs to cryogenic storage tanks and the loads imparted to the tank through the MLI. Master Bond EP29LPSP was one of 15 epoxies tested and it was cited as follows: “For all the metal surfaces that were tested” this epoxy EP29LPSP was one of only 3 epoxies that “had zero failures for up to 18 kg of mass.” The tensile and shear testing was done on two different grades of aluminum and one grade of stainless steel, with the strength measurements done at 86 K.1

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1 Alberts, S.J., Doehne, C.J., and Johnson, W.L. “Testing Tensile and Shear Epoxy Strength at Cryogenic Temperatures.” Accessed May 2020.