Master Bond Case Study


The company Solar System Express sought to develop and deliver to market the first space-tolerant, open-source hardware and software prototyping solution with their Gravity Development Board (GDB) E-Series line.1 To help achieve robustness in the harsh atmosphere of space, Master Bond EP42HT-2AO-1 Black was utilized in the device’s construction. The goal of the project was to enable inventors, engineers, and small technology companies to readily create and provide novel solutions for use in space-based explorations. The device was developed to handle a wide array of functionality to include control of sensors, high current motors, and lighting.

Key Parameters and Requirements

Engineering required careful selection of the materials of construction that would enable robust operation, reliability, and longevity of the device—to include a suitable epoxy system capable of bonding, sealing, encapsulating or potting any required subcomponents for the rigorous specifications required. Relevant to sealant selection are temperature range/serviceability, modulus, thermal characteristics, and electrical non-conductivity. Master Bond EP42HT-2AO-1 Black is a two-part, room temperature curing epoxy system that is compliant with NASA low outgassing standards, is thermally conductive to allow for heat dissipation, and it is serviceable over a wide temperature range from cryogenic temperatures to +400°F (+204°C)

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1GDB E-Series Datasheet. Space Tolerant Open-Source Electromechanical Prototyping System. Solar System Express. URL: Accessed: March 10, 2022.

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