Master Bond MasterSil 151Med was used in research done by a scientist from Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Here is a quote from this work:

"The complete device must be encapsulated in a material that enables the user to change the power source, as well as to stay biocompatible. . . . The Master Bond silicone MasterSil 151Med was tested for water intrusion and easy removal . . . A moisture indicator paper was attached to the electrode pin conductors and inserted into a mold with the silicone. The sealing was then tested by being submerged in saline solution for 3 months. The result was that the silicone was completely sealed and fairly easy to remove, and is thus a simple and effective method for encapsulation."1


1An Implantable Device for Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Lars Lyse Moen, thesis for Master of Science in Cybernetics. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Engineering Cybernetics, July 2014.

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