Adhesive systems for aircraft and rocket enginesMaster Bond manufactures a wide range of paste and film adhesives for uniquely specialized applications in the assembly, maintenance, repair of aircraft, rocket engine parts. These specialized formulations enable design flexibility by eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, lowering weight, improving the uniform distribution of stress/strains across bonded joints while enhancing stiffeners, strength, safety, fuel efficiency. Select grades are employed for commercial, business, military fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Our products contribute to propulsion systems being capable of operating under rugged, harsh environments and are often tailor-made to meet customer specifications by adjusting viscosity, cure speed, mechanical strength, hardness, temperature, resistance, etc. Toughened systems featuring high Tg characteristics have been successfully employed in adhering similar/dissimilar substrates such as metal to metals, composite to metal and composite to composite structures. Paste compounds provide superior gap filling properties. In contrast heat curing epoxy film adhesives are ready to use and possess bond line uniformity. Meter/mix and dispense equipment speed productivity and production assembly efficiency for two component products. High peel strength systems have been developed that offer outstanding impact, vibration resistance for key components and withstand continuous exposure to elevated temperature.

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Silicone RTVs are integral in engine gasketing, as a joint fill compound, gas turbine bracket adhesive and for electronic potting because of its unusual combination of properties. These Master Bond potting/encapsulation materials are noted for stress relief protection and guard electronic components against moisture, harmful contaminants. Select grades consists of gels, thermally conductive products and flame resistant compounds. They are noted for serviceability at both high/low temperatures with some products being nanoparticle filled.

It is important to accentuate the value of surface preparation to improve adhesive bond durability, reliability and longevity. Time saving surface preparation procedures, automation, streamlining production and sustainability are the wave of the future for this most vital industry. Our solvent free, low shrinkage compositions have played an essential role in heightening quality and structural integrity to satisfy difficult performance parameters. Cleaner and quieter engines are goals of engine manufacturers and the use of selective compounds are crucial in achieving these most significant accomplishments.