Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for Ruggedized Electronic DevicesFrom military/defense to law enforcement to mining to agriculture to oil/gas to public transportation Master Bond adhesives/sealants play a key role in the assembly of ruggedized electronic devices. These compounds provide manufacturers design flexibility and offer reliable, safe, durable, dependable, efficient, long lasting solutions to challenging requirements under the most hostile environmental conditions. These compositions have unique capabilities and have been tailor-made to satisfy specific needs. It is of paramount importance that they perform successfully under vulnerable conditions such as abusive handling. Products are compounded to exceed industry standards and in many cases have exceeded customer expectations. Our extensive expertise in customizing formulations and experience in recommending the proper systems for adhering similar/dissimilar substrates such as steel, aluminum, GRP fiberglass, polyester, ABS, polycarbonates has led to innovative technologically advanced materials for both indoor/outdoor usage.

Utilization of select Master Bond grades have provided protection against exposure to cryogenic temperatures, heat, salt spray, water, mechanical shock, thermal shock, vibrations, abrasion and drop testing. Mobile devices available in different sizes, styles, configurations, weights have made major strides in improving their ruggedness while not sacrificing their affordability. Careful consideration needs to be given to excess heat, air flow, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. Effort must be made to mitigate damage caused by corrosion from such severe conditions.